We are Homage

Timeless jewelry inspired by nature, art, and literature, designed for everyday luxury

With each design, our goal is to pay homage to the extraordinary beauty, love, and inspiration found in the everyday. Jewelry can be a visible symbol pointing us to the invisible, the beautiful, and the sacred, reminding us of truths we’re prone to forget. Our designs can be worn daily as an invitation to help us live each day more meaningfully.  

Our collection is inspired by art, nature, and literature, and is made for everyday luxury. We offer all of our designs in 14k solid gold and vermeil to keep them accessible to different budgets. We never offer our designs in gold-plated simply because we want them to last and keep up with your busy lifestyle- whether you’re sweating, swimming, or shimmying (or momming).

We hope you find something you can cherish for generations to come. Shop meaningfully. Live meaningfully. Pay homage.

Love, Ellie


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